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from practice to theory

Imagining the spaces with schotch on the flor, this remember us Dogville.


Our research starts from practice and then turns to teory.

With the curiosity of a child, we travel around Europe, we meet coworkers, and often they don’t understand our model.

The Multifacatories we found, are young, no more than one year. And they don’t konw what exactly they are…

…but they dream, like us. that’s exciting!

Participating to the European Conference on Complex Systems

We are almost ready for our speech in Barcelona !

Cultural and opinion dynamics: Modeling, Experiments and Challenges for the future


Session 2 Applied models

11:20-12:00 Anna Kowalska-Pyzalska et alGoing green: Agent-based modeling of the diffusion of dynamic electricity tariffs 12:00-12:30 Giulio Focardi et alModeling the Future of Job Creation: the MultiFactory Model
12:30-13:00Simone Righi et al Signed Networks, Triadic Interactions and the Evolution of Cooperation


Working until six


Crowdmakers from FREILAND – Potsdam – Germany

19_Fab's lab Potsdam, ergonaut

Mario Parade, Ergonaut

Mario has presented a FAB LAB project to the plenary of FREILAND

Now he’s runnig the FAB LAB inside the Multifactory of FREILAND.

A Multifactory is not a FAB LAB, but it can have a FAB LAB (or a coworking space) inside. In a Multifactory a carpenter, a creaftmaker or a tailor can build up projects with the FAB LAB community, growing up the innovation of the products.



Steffi Ribbe, Ergonaut

Steffi Ribbe, Ergonaut


Steffi Ribbe upcicle forniture with a fully colored style that takes a lot from indian world and pop art.

She needed a place where to work, every day, at any time.

Her virtual show room is here : farbknall.de

Speech at WES conference, Warwick

The MultiFactory model has been accepted at WES conference. Our first academic presentation of the model !

Our first academic presentation of the model !

If you want to have a look to the presentation please fill the contact form below:

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