The contest theme was: MILANO WORLD CITY, how would you creatively present the city of Milan to the visitors who will be arriving from all over the world for Expo 2015? What places, particular features, suggestions and experiences make Milana city that’s strongly interconnected with the world?
The jury chose the winners among 168 works. Multifactory. The Invisible factory” won the second prize.

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The documentary is presented as a cross-media site-specific installation “Multifactory. The Invisible Factory “, curated by Alessandro Bellotto and realized thanks to the collaboration of Euromix Wave, Fucina Design, Grinding Project, Osun Solutions and Bigmagma (SherpaBIKEtrailers, Cretattiva, Bruguitars, Hora design, Totodesign and Artedi’ arte in divenire).

The installation is able to recognize the arrival of the visitors and to interact with them, becoming active in an autonomous way. It can also recognize some of the objects and modify its operation accordingly. Finally, it can open a real window for a  bidirectional communication in real time.

“Multifactory. The Invisible Factory” and the other finalists will be part of the art exibition at La fabbrica del Vapore in Milan from March 25 until April 6 2015, via Procaccini 4, from 11:00 to 19:00.

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