Documentary screenings around Europe

Documentary screenings around Europe

There is a new revolution going on, but rather than through loud protest or rioting on the streets, this one manifests itself quietly, by people simply joining forces to share spaces where they can do what many people want, but only few can turn into reality: to create, invent and innovate.
A video-puzzle in eight different European multifactories looking for places and shapes of a new collaborative and creative economy.

4 terabites of footage. In each multifactory we spent several days filming the everyday life.

Images are a powerfull tool for public presentations, to let people immediatly understand how the shared working environments work.

conferences speeches and for presentations to workers corporations, to public administrations and to spread the Multifactory thinking in a more direct way.

OO Here you can watch the full MOVIE : MULTIFACTORY The Invisible Factory. ITA, HD, 60 min.

OO The movie becomes an interactive art installation for MILANO WORLD CITY

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