A MultiFactory is a shared workspace, different from a classical Coworking, as it’s not intended as a “desk farm”, but an environment dedicated both to development of services and to production of material goods.

A MultiFactory is a Community of Purpose, where the purpose is the Job creation and the concretization of better working conditions, and takes form as a Community Project, where all the stakeholders take an active part in designing its shape and in the shared definition of norms, rules and governance system.

MultiFactories  are multi-competencies environments, that allow a creative reuse of competencies and lead to product innovation and scope economies also in a small scale business.

A MultiFactory generates more value than the sum of the individual values of companies and is a completely new form of territorial entity, that allows local governments and institutions to interact with a single economic and social agent, that is therefore not a “Factory”, but something close to the idea of a “village”, and gives back to single workers a collective representativeness and the consciousness to belong to a specific, new and innovative Social Class.

MultiFactories are examples of social innovation, a new way to face the needs for Job Consolidation and Job Creation.

The challenge to the base of this work is to understand what defines a MultiFactory, to underline its constitutive elements, and to highlight the main dynamics that take form in it, in order to develop a model that can be replicable, scalable, reproducible, and customizable.

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