The development of the ewindow and Free Software philosophy

THe following is an email sent to the Multifactory Munich Cluster.

Hi all,

we are trying to figure out how to be ready for Make Munich, under the EWINDOW DEVELOPMENT point of view.

Even if you are not a developer but you are interested in understanding how Open Source works in a practical case, read the following.

Previously on ewindow :

– We didn’t want to loose all work done from Jonathan (october-december 2016)

– We understood that was necessary to collaborate with the Open Source community (because there is a peer review from users, and this is the power of Open Source, so let’s understand it and use it)

– few months ago Jonathan found Baresip software on github and made a fork from that code

– few days ago we started writing to the baresip mailing list our proposal to integrate our code to their software

– then started an exchange between Jonathan and Alfred (the developer that is the baresip Master on github)

Basically, there was some cleaning and debugging to do before our Pull Request cound being accepted and our work integrated into baresip code.

– today Alfred accepted our Pull Request so now our ewindow github code is integrated into the baresip one (not a fork anymore).

– Have a look at the discussion here between Jonathan and Alfred:

“As previously announced on the Mailing list, this patch introduces support for hardware-accelerated scaled video playback on the Raspberry Pi. It is not very well tested, and breaks for some resolutions, but otherwise running stable.

The module is named ‘omx’, due to the “OpenMAX Integration Layer”.

In the future, it might support the native video codec (h.264), and video capture (Pi Camera).

It is probably not compatible with OpenMAX on other platforms like Android, without further changes.



BOOK TIPS : I’ve red this two masterpiece books that helped me A LOT to get introduced to the Free Software phiosophy under a theoretical point of view.

They are both very interesting and understandable also by non educated people.


I’m sorry if I wrote somethings not appropriate under the computer development syntax, as you know I’m not a developer 😉

have a nice day, ciao lorenza

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