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Here you find some answers we gave to those who wrote us. Have a look and, if you have other questions, write us. We’ll try to aswer you as soon as possible!

How many people started BIGMAGMA and how did you planned and organized the rooms, the space? Did a core group of people setup a (basic) model (tables, Kitchen, Workspace areas, space distribution,… ) or was it done in a (larger) group of (all) Community members? :

– It’s very important that all people involved into the association have the possiblity to say what are their needs and what is in their mind.

I suggest to you to do it like a “game” (instead of a long boring plenary session), for example:
in 20 minuts every participant has the time to write into different white papers what he thinks it is important to have, both things than needs ( for example: “simple kitchen”, “3d printing”, “laser cut”,”common table for laptops”, “table for classes”, ” dark room for private calls and deadlines” “common bookshelves” “private desks” “room for noise and smelly works” “classes and courses room”…) and put the different papers on the ground (with the written part turned down)  where he/she thinks it would stay the object or service.
than all together you start a trip from one room to another and discover what is written and averyone  motivate his decision.
in this way you can have:
– new ideas that you couldn’t imagine
– you involve everyone into the process
– you mix old and new participants
– you can see if there is someone that is not fitting with the vision of the group

– you can create the community from the very beginning

How long does is take to start a shared space with a participative approach?

It depends on just MONEY and/or TIME: do you have money and time to do it or not?
– if yes! wow!!
If you have some money to buy at least all the materials and you all have 1 week to work on it all together. WOW. but I suggest to you to start from the urgent staff (just vote what is urgent for almost all) in order to have what is needed to start working immidiatly inside.
– if not. You have to work a lot on imagination.  “What could be on that corner?”  (drawn it on the flor, like in Dogville, the movie)
if all the members know that the costruction of the space it is a “work in progress”, they will find (most of the time for free) the right fornitures and they will feel at rosenwerk like at home. That’s the most important thing!Practically:
If there are among you some architects or designers, in the second phase, they can be those on charge of putting all the ideas and input into something cool.
In BIGMAGMA we did all together the first step and then for the second step: we decided to give the responsibility of the organization of the “makerspace”which we called “MANY HANDS” to Fabrizio (because he was the person that is using mostly that room and he wanted to test his new model of bookshelve in a BIGger scale), “the coworking space” with the name “MASTER MINDS” to Aldo, the architect because it’s the most formal space, and the “video/audio/silent room space” the “ZIKKURAT” has been created later, when I found for free the rights materials to insonorize it and I did it in an empty space (because I was the most interested on having that space available).

I assume it is still under development and chances time to time 😉

YES! It changed a lot, everytime there is a new member 😉
look at this timelapse of the first year. (now it’s completely different..)
It’s very very important to have the general vision (which room is for? Do we need it now?) than, it’s nice to celebrate a new forniture or a new instrument when it arrives (for example, our marvelous long table has been physically done by a new member after one year we were into the place, when he arrived, he made it, it has been a way for him to be part of the project).

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