12_Christian Cherubini, ergonaut 01 Art and technique

The incredible research positive results led us to put into practice what we have learned. In those two last years we applied them to BIGMAGMA, a shared working environment we were both part before leaving for this European research.

Now we have experimented and collected many tools usefull fore everyone that is now triyng to understant what is better for is shared place and where to go.

Some tools are very simple to transfer and we can share them within hackpad a collaborative oper platform where produce and edit in real time documents.

Others, are not physical tools but are more about how to understand what is needed by the community and how to build a stable and strong structure, we have to meet you!

Everytime we meet other FABLAB, makerspace, shared working environments. becames natural to exchange and share those tools.


This open document explains the narrative behind the webvideo serie and the workinprogress of the videomaking. Do you want to make a video promoting you and your activity? Join this hackpad and together we will share it around the world!


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