The empirical research (2012-2014) has been completely self-financed

First because we didn’t want to wait for grants, then we didn’t want to be dependent on some institution. The only option was to buy a flight and do it by our self.
 We experienced a totally different way of organizing work and production, we had a vision that this could be something bigger than just a single case study, and we wanted to follow this vision as soon as possible with no constrains of any type.
By the way, we found many people and companies who helped us:
  • BUILDING BLOQS hosted us 2 times in their maker space,  FREILAND Potsdam hosted us 4 times, our first shared space MAGE and first of all the Association BIGMAGMA ,our first tester of our methodology were we could test and improve the findings of our research.
  • Many people hosted us in their homes too: CAROL RIUS  in Barcelona, la CANONICA DI SAGLIANO in Lombardia’s country side, MATTHIAS ROEDER from ROSENWERK  in Dresden, and, of course, thank’s to AIR BNB we used hundreds of times.


We developed a Multi-level Connectivity System with the goal of letting professionals of one shared space to do projects together with professionals of other spaces, at an International Level.

The Multifactory Network is a free exchange of knowledg and it changes a way to make things that seem to be untouchable (like the role of currency in an economic system open to the market).
  • April 2015 – November 2016.  Through the ERASUMS FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS, an European International Program, we could start to work at the development Multifactory Network.

In 8 months of internship inside Freiland Potsdam we developed the  DO IT TOGETHER youtube channel  and we settled up the first steps for the FREE EXCHANGE PROGRAM between multifactories.

  • September 2016 – till now. We got supported by ERTOMIS ANSTIFTUNG, a German foundation, for developing a Cluster of the Multifactory Network in MUNICH.

We went further with the development of each layer of the Multifactory Network. Together with four shared spaces in Munich: HEI, FABLABMUENCHEN, MUMALAB, WERKBOX3 we could go on with the development of the elektronic window, we did different videotutorialpresentations and we could test the Free Exchange Program.


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