Telmpelhof common garden


Tempelhof airport by rollerblade


Working under the apple three in AGORA, Berlin

Comunicazione dell’agora


Gallette with salmon avocado meeretisch, tomato and dill


Mens sana in corpore sano


Agora cafè, each Multifactory has is own cafè

20130720-152227.jpgA Multifactory is, above all, a community, nothing is better than to have a good luch : to exchange ideas, to build up new projects, to empower the working community.

Moving to another coworking space


Ptero on FreiLand


The MultifactoryModel is not a coworking space

Today in Betahaus coworking space we interviewed the founder of a web magazine specialized on COWORKING around the world. Apart the articles, you can find one interesting survey that analyses in a scientific way this new organizing work model. deskmag 2nd global coworking survey.
Now we are certain. The Multifactory is definitely not a coworking.

It as a lot to do with it but the soul is different. “It’s not possible to work with the laptop and in the same space there someone making noise or dust” that’s the response of Carsten when we tried to explain to him the MultifactoryModel.

The Multifactory as not a scientific basis, not yet. Not in Betahaus.

And the trip goes on.