Social Innovators Connected conference in Rome

SIC lorenzaFrom the 24th to the 27th of September 2015 we attended to the SIC conference in Rome. 3 full days of exchanges between Social Innovators from all over Europe.

The participants have been selected on the basis of the innovativeness of their project, as well as its social impact, contribution to the conference and geographical distribution. The number of participants was limited to 50. This limit has been set in order to keep the conference size compatible with the community feeling we wish to create and to facilitate formal and informal flows of experiences and knowledge.





“Across the world, there are great social innovations and urban culture activism emerging. However, actors and stakeholders of this movement are often not aware of each other because of the lack of a real network connecting them. A lot of creative people need to start from scratch. SIC! aims to address this issue.SIC tour

SIC! is a grassroots conference based on a bottom-up approach that aims to boost discussion about local experiences of social innovation. It is an open space for social innovators who want to get in touch with each other, confront problems and solutions, and learn from different experiences and contexts.” READ more about SIC in their website.SIC videotutorial workshop







WHAT WE LEARNEDSIC connetti qun workShop

For us, this experience has been very usefull in order to be connected with other social innovators. We finally had the opprotunity to meet someone from OUI SHARE and to understand better what they are doing and how.

Then it has been very interesting to have the possibility to see what is happening in Rome, our capital city. The conference has been hosted by ReBike ALTERmobility a no-profit association that has different project all aimed to sensibilize citizens on sustainable mobility in city environments. They showed us the opportunity to take part to the European Erasmus PLUS program that is hepling them in running an educational program to teach english through a road safety educational program.SIC_ rebike
SIC _ connetti QUN workshop

Two weeks after the conference we went to visit the Connettiqun architets group based in Cremona, we appreciated a lot their way of involving communities through new urban spaces concepts they developed in the last years, so let’s see what will SIC - new connectionshappen then!

SIC. the foto reportage

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