Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs Report

The Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs program, sadly, reached to an end. We can state that it has been the first financial support to our independent research and to the development of the multifactory Network. It has been a small amount of money (830 euros a month for 4 months) that could cover the travel costs to freiland-Potsdam, in Germany.

But the real gain has been, of course, another one: to have 4 months to fully keep on working on this project, with the support from the association that is running the Freiland Cultural Center/shared workspace.

I publish here the final report of this project hoping that this program can be used in the same way I did and can help other Young Entrepreneurs to get more skills in a practical way and with the same freedomness.

The objectives of the stay were:

NewEntrepreneur: The main target for the NE is to learn (theoretically and practically) how to support the freelancers, artisans, small enterprises and artists who are part of a Multifactory to run their activity. The focus is to find a way to strengthen their commercial side into an environment that is basically collaborative and based on trust, sharing and community. The objective is to find new ways, tools and languages of communication that are proper to the sharing economy. We divided the project in different thematic units: i) How to present to the plenary session a communication and a commercial project ii) How to build a social community out of it iii) How to work in team for a common goal and to share experiences and skills iiii) Exploring the possibilities of youtube channels and blog communication when they meet a community of workers During the first month the NE will get in touch with the HE. In this phase the NE will learn how to present a project to the plenary session, how to involve people into a social business shared project. In the second month the NE will learn how to build and maintain a community, the usage of social tools as working instruments and the techniques to grow up an international community of independent workers. The NE will produce some short viral videos in collaboration with the HE exploring the possibilities to sell local products using internet in a social way. In conclusion, the last month will be the one more related to communication skills, where Lorenza will learn from freiLand how to create value from the ‘artistic’ work done before.

HostEnrepreneur: The main goal for freiLand is to provide Contacts and networks of collaborative working projects to Lorenza and to help her transferring the tools of the projects into a video documentation. With this support freiLand will strengthen the capabilities of Lorenza as young entrepreneur and reinforce her skills as producer of new media products. freiLand and Lorenza will share their Experience.


1. Please describe:
a) the work/activities performed
After many interviews and meetings with local changemakers, I was able to find, define and fix new narrative elements that could be in line with this new forms of living and working. Then I gave birth to the “Do It Together – Sharing Economy for Change Makers and Social Innovators” youtube channel. It’s a webserie for sharing knowledge/skills (to everyone has access to the web) owned by independent workers that have a “collaborative and maker attitude” and that act and think that work it’s not about making profit but it’s about making a better world and have fun out of it. “Do it Together” videos are short videos who teaches something very specific and simple related to the everyday working life of many different changemakers. The videos are 2/3 minuts long. Videos that last the time of a break between one task and another of the everyday life, videos teaching something very specific and at the same time relaxing. While whatching those videos you can have the feeling of knowing somehow the person is in the video and, if you need his or her skills, you can easily contact him/her. The videos are always divided into 2 different parts: the first one is a VIDEO TUTORIAL, the second one is a kind of curriculum vitae about the PERSON who made the tutorial. Each video is focusend on one person. Both parts are intended to explain how those “new” independent workers live and act and which are the skills attached to them: where they work, how they work, what they think work is, what they think life is.

b) the achievements
2. Have the objectives of your stay abroad as set out in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur Commitment been met?
Fully To some extent Not sufficiently Not at all
Please explain briefly which objectives have been / have not been met and why:
3. To what extent did the HE contribute to the development of your business
Significantly To some extent Not sufficiently Not at all
– promote the professional activities ruled by some changemakers working in the HE factory. – Help those change makers in finding new customers. – promote the youtube channel authors as experts in collaborative economy (tools, communication methods, network). – set up new communication tools to foster collaborations among changemakers all around Europe.

Please explain briefly which objectives have been / have not been met and why:

The objective to study and develop a new narrative for this new social class has been achieved. The objective to spread this webserie has not been achieved yet, but it was’nt possible to achieve it in just 4 monts, that’s why I will go further with this project and I will spend other 2 months to the HE in order to finish the project.




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