In Betahaus café this blog comes to life

Betahaus Cafè in Berlin

Betahaus Cafè in Berlin

This Blog starts at the Betahaus Cafè, in Berlin.

Why are we here?

We’re going up and down trough Europe hunting for Multifactories and Berlin is a must see.

The Café is quiet, comfortable, full of people with laptops and cakes. As usual, we tried to enter the vibe, so we had our mate tea, our cheesecake (so good!) and we opened our laptop.

In a such well organized place we felt so inspired that we decided to organize our thoughts, and to share them with you.

This is just the first impression, we’ll try to understand something more about this place tomorrow, at the beta-breakfast.

Stay tuned, news are coming soon!

Giu & Lò

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