ergonauts of FREILAND – Potsdam – Germany

19_Fab's lab Potsdam, ergonaut

Mario Parade, Physician, Ergonaut of FREILAND


Mario is running the FAB LAB based in FREILAND.
In a Multifactory you can find a FAB LAB, a coworking space but a Multifactory is much more, is a community of workers.

So a craftmaker, a tailor, etc. can interact with the FAB LAB and improve their fornitures with technological instruments.



18_Steffi Ribbe, ergonaut

Steffi Ribbe, ergonauto of FREILAND


Steffy has based her workshop in FREILAND. She renovate forniture with a fully color style. She sell her products throu internet.

She needed a place where su storage all her tools and fornitures and where to go everyday at any time.

Here the virtual show room of


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